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Affordable Mobile App Development!

Develop Apps For Phone and Tablet.

Apps Created For Apple & Android.

We Build Mobile Apps For Restaurants & Bars

The days of menus in a drawer and phoning in delivery orders are quickly coming to a close, especially for the next generation of customers. Online and mobile ordering is exploding in popularity, and local restaurants are discovering that apps allow customers to place orders offer a new revenue stream.  Mobile apps for business are the future, join the revolution!

Customers spend more when using online & mobile apps

Simply put, it’s a fact that customers order more food when they order online.

You can share information and generate business

Nearly 40% of customers report that they’d like to get an email each day from a favorite restaurant detailing the specials for the day. An ordering app can include this functionality, and enable you to stay in touch (and top-of-mind) with customers.

Mobile orders boost return business

Orders from mobile users are more frequent than orders submitted other ways. Not only do mobile apps get you bigger orders, but they get you more of them! Mobile ordering apps let you maximize the value of each customer in the long term.

Customers are already using restaurant ordering apps

About 40% of customers have already placed an order for food online. It’s easy, quick and convenient for the customer.

Your competitors may already be ahead of you

20% of quick-service restaurants already allow customers to submit orders from their mobile phones. Are your competitors snagging orders from customers that would prefer to order from you?

You’ll make more money

Considering all of the above, this conclusion is a safe bet: a restaurant ordering app will directly help your restaurant generate more income. For a small expense up-front, you get a new revenue stream that helps you find new customers and keep old ones happy.

Why Should You Get An App For your business?

Consumers derive enormous value from mobile. Our research across six countries—the U.S., Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China, and India—reveals that the value consumers place on mobile technologies ranges from $700 to $6,000 per user. The data show an aggregate annual consumer value for mobile technologies of $6.4 trillion across the six countries, above the cost of the devices and services.

  • Brand Strategy 90% 90%
  • Internet Marketing 80% 80%
  • Social Media Engagement 100% 100%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%
  • Return Business 79% 79%

We Also Create Gym Apps

Why Your Fitness Club Needs a Mobile App 

Resolution-chasers and gym rats alike need a way to plug in. Signing someone up for a monthly membership doesn’t seal the deal, especially in a highly competitive industry like fitness. It’s critical that your club sticks out in the crowd, and offering mobile promotions, progress-tracking, and nutrition & workout info.


Features include:

  • Integrate your online class schedule
  • Offer mobile discounts and app-only coupons
  • Post workouts videos and playlists
  • Share exercise tips in a variety of formats
  • Sell gear and company merchandise in-app
  • Generate client feedback
  • Promote your business with sharing features
  • And more…


Push Notifications and Your Business

What are Push Notifications?  Click to find out more…

Push notifications are one of the best ways to reach out to your customers.  Any small business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact.  Get a little creative with your messaging.  Tailor push notification tone and design to match your business’ branding efforts and you’ll have a cohesive marketing strategy.

  • Target users by current location
  • Use geofencing to trigger automatic messages when users enter a zone
  • Schedule push notifications for later
  • Add custom images for a nicer touch
  • Setup linked messages that click through to highlighted features
  • Share websites easily with then clickable URL option



Allow customers to book a mobile reservation to increase revenue.

Custom Email Forms

Create a custom email form for reservations, leads, appointment, and everything else.


Let your clients know when and where you are having your next event!  Then get complete turn by turn directions.


Create mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by “checking in” at your business.

Video Integration

Integrate your Youtube channel in a beautifully displayed format for your customers.


This feature can be a great way for exclusive groups to create mobile apps for their audience.


Allows restaurant customers to place food orders directly inside the mobile app or mobile website.


Allow customers to book a mobile reservation to increase revenue.


Easily gather content instantly from Twitter, Google News, and Facebook in seconds with powerful News Feature.


Let customers make products purchases directly inside the mobile app or mobile website.
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