Mobile App Helped Local Italian Restaurant  Grow 33% Every Year

Mobile App Helped Local Italian Restaurant Grow 33% Every Year

Mobile App Helped Local Italian Restaurant  Grow 33% Every Year

A local and upscale Italian restaurant, needed a way to build customer loyalty and brand engagement. A mobile app provided a way to engage customers beyond the confines of the establishment through push  notifications and a gratifying  loyalty program. Now, the  restaurant has dramatically increased customer retention, as well as revenue and year-over-year growth.


Build Customer  Loyalty & Engagement

The Local Restaurant was already successful, but they wanted to build  loyalty and engage customers – also outside of the establishment. The owner previously used email campaigns; his forte was writing strong emails that gave rise to his list of 47,000 subscribers.  Adding an app to his marketing repertoire would increase  engagement even more and add to the restaurant’s success.


Exciting Loyalty Program & Push Notifications    

The mobile strategy was simple: focus on the loyalty program and push notifications, and do these right. If a restaurant is more pricey than usual, a customer might think twice about dining there (even if it is their favorite place). Benedetto’s created a loyalty program that overcame this initial barrier by providing customers with a generous reward – a completed mobile punch card can be redeemed for $50. In addition, the owner uses his persuasive writing skills to send out push notifications to these loyal customers.

“The fishmonger brought fresh stone crab to the backdoor one evening, so Chef Ben sent out a push notification  letting everyone know about his catch of the day.  The message went out 5pm and he was sold  out of crab by 7pm!”


Increase in ROI & Customers Retention

By adding a mobile app to the marketing portfolio, Benedetto’s was able to grow the business with 33% every year, for the last 3 years. The simultaneous marketing endeavors, including quality emails,  powerful push notifications, and an exciting loyalty program, have  allowed Benedetto’s to dramatically increase customer retention and  engagement. The restaurant also has over a 1000 loyal customers  actively using the loyalty program on a regular basis.

Loyalty Users
Growth Every Year

Zeroing in on the key value you can provide to customers and translating that into an app.
Using the KISS  approach (= Keep it Simple, Stupid) to  determine app  features and  executing them  perfectly.


Mobile App Helped Local Italian Restaurant  Grow 33% Every Year

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