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Realtor Mobile Apps are changing the landscape of selling home efficiently and effectively!  Working smarter not harder fits into how mobile apps help realtors close more home sales!  It’s a fact.


 A real estate agents’ jobs are stressful. Most agents have no base income and work solely on commission. Each deal they close is, therefore, the difference of several thousands of dollars. As a result, they must be completely focused on serving the client in front of them, while simultaneously lining up the next deal in their pipeline.

An agent’s reputation is their brand and they are compensated for the service which they provide to the consumer.

Mobile Applications help Realtors reach their goals!



Home buyers and sellers have a vast array of helpful tools at their disposal. Zillow, Redfin, and are just a few mega-companies among many. We are not here to reinvent a multibillion-dollar industry and convince users that the app is better than the existing tools. Rather, the value of the agent is to be the guide. Purchasing or selling a house is one of the most stressful periods of any individual’s life. The consumer is often overwhelmed with data and big decisions coming at them quickly. Most of a typical real estate transaction occurs within only 21 days! Thus, a one-stop shop with accessible information to guide the consumer through the process would be extremely useful. 

Mobile App

Why a Custom Mobile App

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Around Us Feature:

Incorporate information on the unique flair of local neighborhoods to help a buyer determine where she or he could become a member of the right community. It could provide a map with interactive information on great restaurants, public parks, shopping, and more. This could also incorporate locations and information on planned housing developments and model homes.

Contact Feature:

Real estate clients want to hire trusted contractors to work on their new home. So in the Contact Feature, include anything from roofers, electricians, plumbers, and painters, to interior designers, home stagers, and photographers, to lenders, financial planners, tax attorneys and more. Agents spend several collective hours (if not days!) sharing the contact information of this contractor network and updating the “master list” is in a word document is cumbersome. Instead, incorporate this information in one location that can be maintained and updated easily – it’s an added bonus for the agent.

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